Industrial relations move forward


A process of revision is underway in Viet Nam that aims to overhaul the legal regulations surrounding labour standards and industrial relations to make them suitable for a vibrant, outward-looking market economy. Kari Tapiola, Executive Director for Standards and Fundamental Rights at Work under the International Labour Organisation (ILO), said there are a number of key issues which need to be successfully addressed in the current round of labour law reform in Vietnam. First, labour law reform should create a legal environment for trade unions to represent workers’ voices in the workplace and beyond in a genuine and effective manner. Second, the reforms should create legal and institutional conditions for representatives of workers and employers to hold regular dialogues inthe workplace and beyond, particularly in the form of collective bargaining but not necessarily limited to do i t. Third, the reforms should improve and modernize legal provisions regulating labour standards so that workers’ need for security and employers’ need for flexibility can be met in a balanced and fair manner in today's modern market economy.
(Viet Nam Investment Review p12&13 - April 5-11)