New UN Agency in Viet Nam


A new United Nations agency will open its doors in Viet Nam next week.

A United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) resident office will begin operating for the first time in Viet Nam from September 14. Viet Nam has been a member of UNESCO for 48 years, almost from the inception of the organisation.

UN Resident Co-ordinator Edouard A. Wattez welcomed the agency into the UN family in Viet Nam which has now grown to 10 UN resident agencies, as well as the Bretton Woods Institutions (World Bank and the International Monetary Fund).

"The very number of United Nations agencies and specialist organisations – and their wide range of experience, interests and activities – demonstrates our strong commitment to the people of Viet Nam," Mr Wattez said. "We are all looking forward to working together with the new UNESCO office to further promote peace and sustainable human development.

"Their valuable work in education, culture, communications and the area of science, as well as the promotion of peace, is well-recognised around the world."

The new UNESCO Representative, Rosamaria Durand – a Canadian citizen whose most recent posting was as Chief of the Co-ordination, Evaluation and New Technologies Unit for Culture in UNESCO’s head office in Paris – will be making her first public appearance next Tuesday (14 Sept) at the launching of the International Year for a Culture of Peace.

UNESCO was created in 1946 to work in the fields of education, science, social sciences, culture, communication and the promotion of a Culture of Peace.