Getting everyone in Viet Nam into the picture



IMG 3523Ha Noi, 20 May 2015 - A workshop to discuss key results from last November’s Ministerial Conference on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia-Pacific was held today (20 May 2015) by UNFPA, UNICEF, the ministries of Justice as well as Planning and Investment.

UNICEF estimates the births of 135 million children under the age of five go un-registered in Asia-Pacific. If a baby girl is born, but not registered and dies soon after, her death is unlikely to be recorded. If she survives, without a birth certificate she is at much greater risk of being put to work as a child laborer, married off as a child bride or trafficked against her will.

Civil registration and vital statistics systems are also crucial for achieving and monitoring the Millennium Development Goals, particularly those related to maternal and infant mortality.

Viet Nam has already made great progress in recent years:

Addressing the workshop, Ms. Pratibha Mehta, UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam said: "In our region, with one of the world’s highest rates of unregistered births, we must undertake stronger action to improve the civil registration and vital statistics system to register and record all vital events of people, and use this system for evidence-based policy making, programming and delivery. The United Nations, as ever, stands with you today ready to support the efforts of the Government of Viet Nam to “get everyone in Viet Nam in the picture”.