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Back to Africa
15 October 2009
by Luu Thi Ngoc Anh

Hoang Thanh Thuy in front of the UNV Country Office in Ha Noi (Photo: UNV Viet Nam)
Packing all necessary documents into her small suitcase, Hoang Thanh Thuy says goodbye to all the staff at the UNV country office in Ha Noi at the end of a short briefing. All arrangements for her departure just a few days later seem to be in order. Thuy is heading back to Africa.

Thuy formerly worked as a Road Construction Engineer with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in the south of Sudan. This time, she is going back to Africa in a new role: international UNV volunteer in Chad, the neighboring country to Sudan. Her new job title is Construction Supervisor.

Tracing the supply chain for coffee in Viet Nam
15 September 2009
By Dzung Pham and Phil Culik, Kraft Foods Global Inc.

Phil and Dzung at the United Nations Office in Ha Noi (Photo: Dzung Pham and Phil Culik, Kraft Foods Global Inc.)
In early July 2009, Phil and Dzung arrived in Ha Noi to start their two week mission as Corporate Volunteers on behalf of Kraft Foods Global Inc. The pair was selected to work with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and several national partners in the coffee industry.

The heat, humidity, new scenery and, in particular, the constant roar coming from “swarms of motorbikes” heightened the anxiety of the new arrivals. This apprehension, however, proved to be unfounded and was quickly dispelled by the hospitality, politeness and, at times, friendly curiosity shown by the many “Hanoians” with whom the visitors soon came into contact with their first taste of the city.

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