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National UN Volunteer Specialist

National UN Volunteers serve in their own country. They support national capacity building initiatives, facilitate networking and exchange. They play active roles as interface between local communities and international organizations.

Eligibility criteria for national UN Volunteer

1. Nationality and residency status
a. National UN Volunteers must be one of the following:
i. nationals of the Programme Country (Vietnamese);
ii. legally resident in the Programme Country or territory with the status of refugee; or
iii. legally resident in the Programme Country or territory with the status of being stateless.

b. National UN Volunteers do not need to be nationals of the country or resident in the territory in which they are stationed if they are assigned to a programme benefiting the programme country of which they are a national, but stationed outside the Programme Country for safety, security or administrative reasons.

c. UNV recognizes only one nationality for a volunteer assignment in a country or territory which is determined at the time of Entry on Service for the first UN Volunteer assignment. In cases of multiple nationalities, UNV reserves the right to determine the nationality of the individual based on the nationality with which in the opinion of UNV Headquarters the individual is most closely associated. If the individual has previously served the UN as a staff member, UNV will recognize only the nationality under which he or she was registered under the staff assignment, unless a material change in the nationality circumstances has occurred.

2. Age limits
a. National UN Volunteers have to be at least 22 years of age.
b. National UN Volunteers mobilized under a “UN Youth Volunteer” modality, will be governed under separate COS.
c. Well-qualified and suitable older candidates can serve as national UN Volunteers up to an age covered by the life insurance carrier.

3. Maximum periods for national UN Volunteering
A person may serve for a maximum of 4 years of national UN Volunteer assignments. The period served as a national UN Volunteer will be reset and the person may serve again up to a maximum of 4 years as a national UN Volunteer after a lapse of 10 years after completion of the last national or international UN Volunteer assignment. The maximum period of national UN Volunteering will only be reset once during a lifetime.

Conditions of Service

National UN Volunteers are unsalaried professionals who in return for their services receive the following entitlements:
  • Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) intended to cover basic living expenses.
  • Life, health and permanent disability insurance;
  • Annual leave at a rate of two and a half working days a month; and
  • Resettlement allowance is paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.



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