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UNV builds partnerships in its two programme areas; Youth and HIV/AIDS. UNV works closely with other UN agencies, government counterparts, public and private sectors, universities and civil society to develop projects in Viet Nam.

UNV invites partners to:

  • Cooperate with UNV to conduct research in relevant areas, particularly in the area of volunteer mobilization; share resources needed to carry out the research; and share research findings
  • Share volunteer-related information; jointly organize events and conferences to share volunteer related information; add links to UNV’s website
  • Share programme strategies with UNV; engage in joint-programming with UNV; co/fund UNV projects
  • Fund UNVs to work in their organization/project; fund UNV positions in relevant projects of other organizations
  • Host fully-funded UNV positions (limited offer)
  • Organize joint volunteer initiatives
  • Develop their own volunteers schemes
  • Apply favorable conditions for employees who wish to become  National or International UNVs, and exchange information on volunteer candidates
  • Involve online volunteers in their activities and projects

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