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Applying Things Learnt in the Community - Capacity Building Workshop on DRR and Project Management
Capacity Building Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction and Project Management in Da Nang

Changes happen when we start taking small steps. Through the workshop on disaster risk management and project management, held on 14th and 15th November, we as UN Volunteers interacted with young people in Da Nang and share our knowledge and experience to them .We understand that what matters is not how much we have delivered, but how much the participants have gained from it.

“We can protect our members and teach the students in remote areas on the emergency skills we have learnt” Tran Gia Bao, volunteering in the CLB KẾT NỐI SỨC TRẺ (Connecting the Youth Club), shared to UN Volunteers. Previously, he and his team members have been to a rural district in Quang Nam Province to build a fresh water system for the local students. He sees the need to spread what he has learnt from the workshop about the appropriate responses to disasters to people in his community, who are under high-risk and lack access to information.

Workshop in Da Nang: participants present results

Bao recognizes the importance of using the problem tree to identify the root causes of the problems, and the solution tree to figure out how the issues can be addressed. “I was really impressed and reflected on the way we used to establish projects,” he said.

In the workshop, participants have also learnt about risk identification and assessment. Bao and his team members had been raising funds by selling candies, soft drinks, stationery and handmade products on street. Nonetheless, after the workshop, he realized that their project was easily affected by the rainy and cold weather, which was one of the major risks that lowered the effectiveness on the whole.

“A lot of ideas appear in my mind right after the workshop.” Their team opened an online fund-raising shop to avoid the risks caused by the bad weather. They planned to open a small shop once they have enough resources, so that they could have a stable place to better present their goods. Besides, they also came up with an innovative idea – to engage more people to volunteer in the community while raising fund.

Seeing that many people want to involve in volunteering work but do not know how to start, Bao and his teammates decided to promote volunteerism by posting the photos taken in their past volunteering trips in their shop, to encourage people to step out and give them confidence in making a difference.

Another participant who has been working for the development of volunteering activities in orphanages and social protection centres in Da Nang has also given us positive feedback. “The workshop helps me look back to previous projects I implemented to assess their effectiveness,” Pham Van Hoang Khue, the president of Nhan Ai Da Nang, told UN Volunteers.

By capturing the project management cycle, risk identification and assessment, as well as action plan development, he finds the workshop useful for his volunteering work.

It is hoped that the workshop has provided the young people, who are also our future leaders in society, more knowledge and creative ideas in improving the community – bringing inspiration in action.

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