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We Share and Work Together - Capacity Building Workshop on DRR and Project Management
 Capacity Building Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Project Management in Da Nang.

Volunteerism is about connecting and sharing. With the diverse backgrounds and specialties of UN Volunteers from different countries, we have been trying our best to exchange our knowledge and ideas with local communities in Viet Nam. We work not only in our familiar fields in the local agencies, but as a team of UN Volunteers in this lovely country.

Viet Nam faces immense loss and destruction due to flooding every year. Just in early November, more than 80 people had been killed in the flooding caused by Tropical Cyclone Damrey. Seeing the need of responding to climate change in coastal regions including Da Nang and its neighbouring cities, UN Volunteers delivered a capacity building workshop for the youth in Da Nang on disaster risk management and project management on 14th and 15th November, in partnership with the Red Cross in Da Nang.

Workshop in Da Nang: group photo


 In order to enhance people’s awareness and spread the knowledge of climate change, topics such as the impacts of climate change and the measures individuals can do were covered by UN Volunteers, while the emergency response to disasters was also delivered by the Red Cross to the Youth Union and other young people in Da Nang.

Often is it believed that together we can achieve more. As being UN Volunteers who are frequently in touch with professional projects in the UN system, we also grasped the opportunity to share with local youth leaders on project management so as to equip people with more skills to make local projects more effective and better monitored.

In the afternoon of the second day of the workshop, UN Volunteers worked together with the youth in their weed cleaning field activity. It was the first time for some of the UN Volunteers to use spades and rakes. While few of us were not used to the gardening work and attempted hard, the young people in Da Nang were unremittingly contributing their best. Holding the apparatus tight, all our sweats dripped onto the ground, and they were the best trace we left to the community.

Through the interaction with the young people in Da Nang, their passion and energy greatly influenced people around. “I was so impressed by the motivation of the national volunteers.” said one of the UN Volunteers after the workshop. Unsurprisingly, many feedback collected from the UN Volunteers are about how engaging and active the participants were.

“We not only shared our ideas with the youth, but also worked together in their projects to make the environment better.”

It is hoped that the workshop would contribute to their future projects, empowering them to better encounter climate change and disasters in individual and local community level.


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