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2015 National Volunteer Awards update: SDGs Awards
Opening remarks by Fiammetta Mancini - UNV Viet Nam Programme Officer at the 2015 NVA Launching Ceremony, 15th September 2015.

UNV has successfully partnered with the Central Youth Union in Vietnam since 2009. Soon after that the Vietnam Volunteer Center was founded with the function of promoting volunteerism in the country and providing guidance and opportunities to that end. The National Volunteer Awards (NVA) are one of the means to support the continuous growth of volunteerism by recognition of the efforts of individuals and organizations who put in time, skills and other resources to help where needed.

This year I am particularly pleased that UNV and the Central Youth Union are bringing the Awards in line with the global debate by devising special awards to highlight volunteer activities in the areas of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thanks to the Millennium Development Goals framework, established in year 2000, much progress has been achieved around the world, such as 700 million people not living in poverty any longer and new HIV infections having being reduced by 40%. But challenges and inequities persist and there is much more that we can do, especially if everyone and all sectors of society do their part.

Just as volunteers have played a role in bringing the voice of people, especially the most marginalized, into the development debate, with 7 million people taking part in the My World survey, the same way of giving people voice can now be extremely important in the process of implementing and localizing the SDGs. Volunteers are there to make sure things get done even in situations that are complex, complicated or where people are very difficult to reach.

Volunteers can speed up the pace of achieving all of the new SDGs and this is what we want to bring to light with the SDGs Awards. A very important principle of the SDGs is to leave no one behind. You cannot do that without volunteers.

Editor: David Scott - UNV Online Volunteer 

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