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2015 National Volunteer Awards Kick Off
Marking the last year of implementation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015), 2015 is an important milestone in evaluating development achievements in Vietnam. In mentioning these efforts, we cannot forget the significant contribution of all volunteer organizations and volunteers, who have been engaged in the general process of development without expecting self-benefit. Volunteers are seen in every corner of the country and in all fields of development, from participating in policy advocacy, development research, charitable activities, to providing emergency assistance to the disadvantaged groups affected by natural disasters.

The Viet Nam National Volunteer Awards (NVA) aim at recognizing and encouraging volunteer involving organizations and volunteers who have shown dedication and achievement in volunteer activities for the community. Through the Awards, Vietnamese young people in particular are encouraged to demonstrate the spirit of youth and take part in volunteering.

NVA 2015 applications will be open from October 1 to 31. Internet voting will be available from November 11 to 20. For detailed information, please visit NVA official website at .

A special feature of this year’s Awards is that the Awarding Ceremony will be held concurrently with the International Volunteer Day (IVD) on December 5, 2015, with an aim to resonate the message of volunteerism for peace and development, and in particular volunteering for the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to highlight this outlook for the SDGs, in addition to the main 10 individual awards and 10 collective awards as every year, a new category called “SDGs Volunteer Awards” for individuals and organizations with promising contribution in the areas of the SDGs will be announced by UNV and the Central Youth Union.

The National Volunteer Awards is an annual initiative which started in 2011, organized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in collaboration with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program in Viet Nam.

Last year, 11 organizations and 5 individuals, representing the best typical examples of volunteerism across the country in the year of 2014, have been selected to be honoured at the Awarding Ceremony out of approximately 300 applications with detailed profiles and descriptions of volunteer initiatives, activities and future plans. The NVA 2014 awarding ceremony was held on January 18th, 2015 at Park 23/9, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

UNV supports the National Volunteer Awards as a way to recognize the value of volunteerism in building more equitable communities and fostering a more cohesive society in Vietnam.

For more information, contact:
Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Huyen, RBM & Communications Officer
United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in Vietnam
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