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Equipping young people for employment
The 3rd YESP workshop at Hanoi School of Public Health

On April 21 and 24, the 3rd UNV Youth Employment Skills Development Project (YESP) workshop was held at Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) with the participation of 62 students mostly from HSPH. 41 were presented with certificates for participating fully in all of the workshop contents. These included mock interviews and CV and cover letter writing homework for the students to receive feedback from UN Volunteers and HSPH’s instructors on the second day of the training. All workshop materials can be found here.

UNV staff and UN Volunteers from different UN Agencies (UNDP, One UN Communications Team, UNESCO and UNODC), HSPH staff and lecturers and UNV’s partner volunteer-involving organization – Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) acted as trainers or instructors. The workshop consisted of different modules related to employment skills from career-consciousness to communications and negotiation.

Among all the training modules, CV and cover letter feedback, together with Mock interviews, ranked number one as students’ most preferred. Students believe these modules are the most practical because they provide detailed solutions to improve their ability and the possibility to impress job interviewers in the future. “It helps to improve my confidence when answering questions in front of interviewers” said an HSPH student.

UNV Viet Nam Programme Officer Ms. Fiammetta Mancini said at the workshop: “As we know (Ministry of Education and Training) that the number of university graduates who failed to find jobs has doubled since 2010, this kind of workshop strives to address the issue of employability. At the same time, it provides UN Volunteers with the opportunity to interact with Vietnamese Youth. As a minimum, the participants can dedicate these days to focus on their career options, interests, strengths and challenges, and start building a more solid “employability kit”. We also encourage the students to expose themselves to different environments and develop their skills through volunteering for development, as participation and “doing” are an excellent way of learning and growing.”

YESP was initiated in 2013 by Takahiro Ogawa– international UN Youth Volunteer from Japan. The objective of this project is to work with a selection of Hanoi-based universities to develop an employment skills programme which will help new graduates develop self-confidence, self-awareness and competences required to be competitive candidates in their job search. The project also aims to promote and engage more youth in volunteering for the development of Viet Nam.

The first workshop was held at Hanoi University of Business and Technology in February 2014. More than 13 UN Volunteers joined as instructors. There were 50 students and 2 teachers from HUBT attending and 76 applicants. The second workshop was held at International School of Hanoi National University in August 2014 and saw the participation of 7 UN Volunteers and 50 students.

For more information about the UNV Youth Employment Skills Development Project, please contact: Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Huyen - UNV RBM & Communications Officer via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photo 1: Ms. Le Thi Ngoc - UNODC and Ms. Huyen Nguyen - HSPH lecturer carried out mock interview with a student.
Photo 2: UNV Viet Nam Programme Officer Ms. Fiammetta Mancini received thank you flowers from Hanoi School of Public Health's Dean - Associate Professor Ms. Bui Thi Thu Ha.
Photo 3: YESP's trainers, organizers and guests.
Photo 4: Group photo of all YESP participants and trainers - Day 2 (April 24)

Writer: UNV RBM and Communication Officer/Nguyen Ngoc Huyen
Editor: UNV Online Volunteer/David Scott; UNV Programme Officer/
Fiammetta Mancini
Photos: UNV Vietnam 2015/Nguyen Ngoc Huyen, Tran Tien Cong and Nguyen Ngoc
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