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UNV contributes volunteers to groundbreaking exhibition
Ha Noi, 08/11/2013
Takahiro Ogawa

UNV Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus visited the exhibition “As we grow up” to see UN Volunteers and local young volunteers in action at the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology in Ha Noi on November 7th,2013.

Young volunteers in action
The exhibition promotes Vietnamese youth and adolescents' awareness and knowledge on gender, love and safe sex. In addition to the information, the exhibit is brought to life by real experiences, photos, and art works. What makes the exhibition unique is the active participation of local young volunteers and Fully Funded international UN Volunteers, involved throughout the preparation, collection of information, development of content and design, and implementation of peer-to-peer interactive activities.

The exhibition is innovative as it tackles the cultural taboo of sexuality issues for youth and adolescents. A group of 15 student volunteers was established to participate in the preparation of the exhibition. Another 60 young volunteers will be facilitating interactive activities, organizing educational games, providing consultation and answering questions from visitors during the exhibition. The exhibition is a joint effort between the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Viet Nam Volunteer Information Resource Center (VVIRC)*, the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology (VME) and the One UN in Viet Nam (with UNESCO as the leading agency in collaboration with other UN agencies).

Current and former UN Volunteers involves deeply in exhibition 
Seija Anttonen, a Fully Funded international UN Volunteer Specialist from Finland working with UNFPA, was deeply involved in the preparation and design of the exhibition. Seija says “as a member of the professional organizing team, I'm proud of having contributed to equip young Vietnamese people to gain better knowledge on safe sex, and raising the still often silenced issues into more open discussion in Viet Nam”.

 Fully Funded international UN volunteer Seija Anttonen(UNFPA) who deeply involved in the preparation and implementation of the exhibition.
"Seija Anttonen, a Fully Funded international UN Volunteer Specialist
from Finland
explains her role at the exhibition to Richard Dictus"

Takahiro Ogawa, a Fully Funded international UN Youth Volunteer from Japan contributes to this event by assisting with the organizing of interactive activities. A former national UN volunteer Tran Tien Cong, who currently works at VVIRC, is in charge of the management and coordination of the local young volunteers.

All Volunteers including the ones from UNV are not only making a positive impact amongst the youth and adolescent in Viet Nam, but also gaining invaluable skills and experience of project preparation, implementation and management through their experience with the exhibition.

"Richard Dictus joining the quiz booth organized by young local volunteers"

Mr. Dictus highly appreciated the joint participation of international and national volunteers in the making of the exhibition, seeing it a very positive thing and a good example of the role of volunteering in development work. According to Mr. Dictus, especially the active presence of young volunteers during the course of the exhibition makes the event very approachable for young people, therefore adding to its effectiveness.

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