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Viet Nam and Climate Change: A discussion paper on policies for sustainable human development

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Cover of climate change policy discussion paperIt is with great pleasure that the United Nations in Viet Nam presents this policy discussion paper on climate change. We hope it will be of use to Vietnamese policymakers, interested citizens, and the international community.

In the past two years much has been said about climate change, around the world and in Viet Nam, and also in dialogues between the Government and the international community. This is not surprising, because in the course of 2007 we all became acutely aware of the risks facing the world, including Viet Nam.

We now also know that major climate action is possible and that it can bring many opportunities for further development of the country, with benefits extending well beyond just averting the dangers of the adverse effects of climate change. This paper argues that in many ways climate change should be taken as a wake up call and the needed responses should be viewed as an opportunity for speeding up human development.