Viet Nam Marks Second UN Road Safety Week: Road safety and safety for pedestrians



trafficpollutionsafety vietnam who resHa Noi, 6 May 2013 - On 6 May, 2013 countries around the world will hold various activities to mark the Second UN Road Safety Week from 6-12 May, 2013. At the request of the UN General Assembly, this year’s theme will focus on “Pedestrian safety”. This week is an excellent opportunity to encourage Governments, Institutions, NGOs and other partners to take further actions to improve road safety and contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Decade of Actions to reduce 5 million deaths by 2020.

"Today Viet Nam is joining the United Nations, countries and communities around the world in celebrating the Road Safety Week and committing our further actions on major risk factors to pedestrian safety such as speeding and drink—driving,” said Vice Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), Mr Nguyen Hoang Hiep.

To mark the Second Road Safety Week in Viet Nam, the NTSC with support from World Health Organization (WHO), and the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) will implement a series of public education campaigns for pedestrian safety and for vulnerable road users. Posters, television and radio clips be broadcast nation-wide during the Road Safety Week to raise public awareness about safety for pedestrians and road safety in Viet Nam.

 Almost 1.3 million people die each year on the world's roads, making this the ninth leading cause of death globally. About 22% of those deaths are among pedestrians. In addition to these deaths, road crashes cause up to 50 million non-fatal injuries every year.

In Viet Nam, road traffic crashes place a huge burden on society, claiming more than 9,000 lives and causing tens of thousands more injuries in 2012, according to the NTSC. "Injuries and deaths resulting from road traffic crashes are a growing health and development concern affecting lower-middle income countries, including Viet Nam,” said Dr Takeshi Kasai, WHO Representative in Viet Nam.

 “Safe walking as a right for all. The UN Road Safety Week presents an excellent advocacy opportunity to encourage the Government to implement practical measures to ensure road safety for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists.” stated Gayle Di Pietro, RS10 Global Manager of Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)

Viet Nam has a very successful mandatory helmet law, an example of how road safety can be strengthened in lower and middle income country settings, that has received wide international acclaim. The Government has recently taken a number of strong measures to control drink driving through increased public education and enforcement. Initial evaluations have shown increase in the public’s knowledge on the consequences of drink—driving.

“While challenges still remain in the implementation of these programs, and in the substantial reduction of deaths and injuries from traffic crashes, other risk factors such as speeding, overloaded vehicles, poor infrastructure, and limited capacity of pre-hospital trauma care system, must be consistently targeted,” Dr Takeshi Kasai added.

WHO in collaboration with international stakeholders continue to support Viet Nam’s Government in raising awareness and promoting actions against major road safety risk factors including lack of helmet wearing, drink driving, speeding and the lack of pre-hospital trauma care capacity at the community level.
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