Unite to Fight Human Trafficking


shutterstock 73754992UN agencies in Viet Nam coordinate their counter-trafficking work through the Technical Working Group on Human Trafficking, a sub-group of the Programme Coordination Group on social protection. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) currently serves as the facilitator of this group. Other UN agencies active in counter-trafficking work in Viet Nam include ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF and UNODC. Agencies work via complementary national, bilateral and regional programmes and projects, including the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) for the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

The UN's human trafficking work includes policy advice and support for prevention, protection and prosecution activities.


mtvMTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) is a campaign about freedom – about our rights as human beings to choose where we live, where we work, who our friends are, and who we love. Most of us take these freedoms for granted, but hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have had these basic human rights taken away.

They are victims of trafficking – modern-day slaves – and criminals have forced, defrauded or coerced them into various forms of labour or prostitution.

MTV EXIT aims to increase awareness and prevention of human trafficking through television programmes, online content, live events and partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations.

On Saturday 26 May 2012, MTV EXIT hosted their second Live in Hanoi concert, with international bands Simple Plan, Brown Eyed Girls and Australian solo artist Kate Miller-Hiedke headlining the show

The UN in Viet Nam supported the MTV EXIT campaign by hosting an information booth at the Live in Hanoi concert. The information booth provided thousands of Vietnamese youth with an opportunity to engage with UN staff and volunteers to learn more and pledge their own 'Simple Plan' to combat human trafficking. Over 3,000 UN wristbands and stamps were distributed, encouraging concertgoers to visit the website, check out their pledge photo, and learn more about the situation and the UN's response to human trafficking in Viet Nam.

For further information on the UN’s response to human trafficking in Viet Nam, please see this fact sheet.

To download the pledge photos - click here.