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The United Nations, in partnership with the government and people of Viet Nam, works to ensure that all Vietnamese people enjoy an increasingly healthy and prosperous life with greater human dignity and expanded choices. Collectively and through its individual agencies, the United Nations cares and creates opportunities for the poor and most vulnerable.

In accordance with the United Nations Charter and Millennium Declaration, the United Nations advances the principles of equality and social justice, while providing impartial advice, technical expertise, access to global knowledge and local experience to meet Viet Nam's development challenges.

Current areas of focus

In Viet Nam,the UN has been a strong partner in providing social and protection services to the Vietnamese people, with particular focus on the most vulnerable groups such as migrants, PLHIV, and ethnic minorities. The UN has also supported cross-cutting initiatives relating to HIV, gender mainstreaming, and rights-based development including youth-related work. The One Plan for 2006-2011 is the joint planning framework for all United Nations resident agencies in Viet Nam.  The One Plan proceeds from these basic principles and applies the United Nations rights-based approach to a set of key substantive issues identified by the Government of Viet Nam and the United Nations Country Team.

As a member of the United Nations, and a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, Viet Nam supports the United Nations agencies in embracing a people-centred, rights-based approach to development. The Declaration, and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) contained within it, set out a vision of inclusive development that expands the choices of all people in segments of society, and prioritises the elimination of structural, institutional and cultural obstacles to participation in national development.

To support Viet Nam's commitment to socially inclusive development, the UN provides policy advice to the Government; helps Viet Nam to strengthen its institutions for effective implementation of policies to ensure that all people benefit from development; provides technical assistance and a range of other support and services.  Viet Nam is also one of eight pilot countries implementing the One UN Initiative, with the aim of making the UN in Viet Nam more responsive and effective to the country‚Äôs rapidly evolving needs.

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