Towards zero rabies in Viet Nam



Rabies dvd box cover ENGThe Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) FAO Viet Nam and Department of Animal Health (DAH) within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched a rabies advocacy and training film “Towards zero rabies in Vietnam” and “Eradication of Rabies in Viet Nam”, respectively. The films have been produced with the support and collaboration from General Department of Preventive Medicine, World Health Organisation, Sub-department of Animal Health in Thai Nguyen Province and World Animal Protection.

“Eradication of Rabies in Viet Nam” serves as one of the key training tools for animal and public health professionals, especially for those who conduct outreach training to district and commune based animal health and public health workers. It provides practical demonstrations and detailed explanations about cross-sectoral collaboration, effective dog capture & vaccination techniques, as well as demonstrating proper wound washing and post-exposure vaccine. The advocacy film “Towards zero rabies in Vietnam” inspires local authorities, donors, technical and development agencies to provide political support and assistance for an integrated rabies control program in the spirit of One Health. In this film senior government officials and international organization representatives provide well-expressed insights on how government agencies and partner organizations can best coordinate to establish effective rabies control strategies.

“The films were made by capturing footage from the rabies training of trainers program implemented by FAO and DAH in Viet Nam, with support from rabies experts from the Indonesian government and FAO. This program assisted the Government of Vietnam with efforts to increase dog vaccination coverage and decrease the number of rabies-related human deaths. Our main interventions include capacity building, joint sector communication and advocacy for greater political commitment to fight against rabies” said Dr. Scott Newman, ECTAD Senior Technical Coordinator.