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Women's Leadership – Be Part of the Solution!

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35percentViet Nam has always placed a strong emphasis on gender equality. This has resulted in important achievements such as low maternal mortality and high access to education. Vietnamese women have one of the highest labour force participation rates in the world. On most gender indicators Viet Nam compares positively in international rankings, especially compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Now the country is facing new challenges. The number of women represented in the National Assembly has been declining over the past ten years. Although 50% of its population are women, only 24% of elected positions and only 15 % of senior positions in the government are held by women. Women are underrepresented in the decision making process and Viet Nam needs its women to shape the future. Globally, where women’s leadership in politics is strong there is a corresponding increase in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). If the current decline in the number of women in parliament and leadership in Viet Nam continues, the country could be in danger of stagnating in its socio-economic development. Viet Nam needs decisions reflecting the whole population.


This video calls for action to encourage women to take part in the decision making process. It advocates to getting 50% of women on the ballot, to achieve a minimum of 35% elected.

More information?

  • POLICY BRIEF: women's representation in the National Assembly of Viet Nam, about
    • the strong legal and policy framework;
    • the emphasis on structure in the electoral process;
    • placement of women on the ballot;
    • and what can be done by whom.
  • FACTSHEET: women's political representation in Viet Nam