Festival to celebrate Hanoi's creativity and culture


(From right) Associate Professor - Dr Nguyen Thi Hien (Deputy Director of Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies), Ms Pham Thi Thanh Huong (Representative of UNESCO Hanoi Office), Professor Julia Gaimster (RMIT Vietnam Deputy Head of School of Communication & Design) and Mr Philip Dowler (RMIT Vietnam Head of Campus Hanoi) at the launch event of Vietnam Festival of Media & Design in Hanoi.

Hanoi, 8 October 2019 - Within its strategic programme supporting Viet Nam in the implementation of the UNESCO Convention 2005 on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and highlight of culture's roles in achieving the sustainable development, notably the SDG8 and 17, UNESCO together with Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) and RMIT University Vietnam announced a new festival to recognise and celebrate creativity and culture which will take place from 01 – 17 November 2019 in Ha Noi, a candidature to the UNESCO Creative Cites Network.


Vietnam Festival of Media & Design: Hanoi 2019 is a series of educational and informative events and activities participated by creative, media and technology organisations, galleries and co-working spaces, including VICAS Art Studio, AGOHub, TBD - Centre for Movie Talents, Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA), G8A Architecture & Urban Planning, Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH), Manzi Art Space, UP Co-working space, Behalf Studio, Vun Art, Zó Project, GIANDON and Hanoi Art Map.

Head of UNESCO Hanoi Office in Vietnam, Michael Croft said that UNESCO is thrilled to be a key partner to support an initiative that closely aligns with the vision of Hanoi as a creative city, particularly in the context of the recent decision by the city to apply to the UNESCO Creative Cities network.

"The timing of the initiative is really opportune, as it will demonstrate clearly that there is a strong coalition who believe that media and design have an important role to play in Hanoi's future – and that these sectors are by nature creative and youth-focused," he said.

Mr Croft believed that the festival will connect individuals, groups and organisations who share a common belief in the significant role creative industries can play in the future development of Hanoi and the country as a whole.

"The Vietnam Festival of Media and Design can become an important annual platform linking partners and initiatives, creating synergies, identifying gaps and focusing energy and effort where it is most needed," he said. "And it helps build a foundation for growth in this sector, showcasing initiatives that other cities can adapt and apply."

RMIT Vietnam Deputy Head of School of Communication & Design, Professor Julia Gaimster is thrilled that the University will host the Vietnam Festival of Media & Design in Hanoi.

"RMIT University is delighted to be hosting the Vietnam Festival of Media & Design which will be a celebration of the diverse range and richness of creativity and culture in Hanoi. It demonstrates our ongoing creative partnerships with UNESCO, VICAS and the City of Hanoi," she said.

"The University recently signed a formal agreement with Hanoi People's Committee to reinforce a close collaboration in several areas, including promoting Hanoi as a cultural and sporting capital."

Director of Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies, Associate Professor Dr Bui Hoai Son said that the festival will have a big impact in raising awareness of the importance of creativity and creative education in Vietnam within the community.

"The festival will help in complementing two key solutions mentioned in the 'National strategy for the development of cultural industries in Vietnam to 2020, vision 2030' which are to raise the awareness of all government bodies and society about the role and position of cultural industries in the development of society and economy, as well as to enhance the quality of human resources in cultural industries."

RMIT Vietnam's Professor Gaimster will also announce the launch of the University's first design focused Bachelor program in Hanoi during the festival, the Bachelor of Design Studies.

"RMIT University has been operating in Hanoi since 2004 and more broadly in Vietnam since 2000," she said. "We've witnessed amazing creative development in the country during this time and the talent of the students has been at an international standard," Professor Gaimster said.

"The opportunities for creative careers in Vietnam are expanding at a rapid rate, there's definitely a demand for more creative graduates in the city. There is also an increased recognition of the power of the creative industries to further develop the economy."

A series of the Festival events including art exhibitions, seminars, creative workshops, creative and explorative tours, art talks and engaging opportunities can be found at www.vfmd.events. For further information related to UNESCO's support to this 2019 Viet Nam Festival of Media and Design, please contact: Ms. Le Hoang Lien, Culture Programme Assistant This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.