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Consultancy for an Assessment Study on Climate-induced Resettlement Programmes


Nature of the consultancy: Advisory services to IOM and relevant government agencies of Viet Nam on environment-induced resettlement programme.

Objective: To perform a research study on environment-induced resettlement in Viet Nam including a literature review of successful resettlement cases and best practices within Viet Nam or in other countries, in order to inform the relevant government agencies of Viet Nam about the households’ motivation to resettle, the decision-making process, and community participation in the current resettlement planning and implementation process, as well as to make recommendations for future resettlement programmes.


Deadline for submissions: 09 August 2015, 5pm.


Literature review and mapping of interventions of child labour in Viet Nam – Child Protection

UNICEF VIETNAM is looking for qualified institutional/Corporate service from International and National organizations for the "Literature review and mapping of interventions of child labour in Viet Nam – Child Protection"


Summary of the Assignment

The purpose of this study is to increase understanding on the scope and drivers of child labour in various sectors, what services are currently available for child labourers and their families, and who is doing what in respect of child labour in Viet Nam. The study is designed to inform policy development and programming with the private sector and Government, including the National Programme on Worst Forms on Child Labour and the National Programme on Child Protection.


The Proposals MUST be received at the above address by latest 16:00 p.m local time on 10 August 2015.


Call for Expression of Interest

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) purchases supplies and equipment in Viet Nam to support their programme of co-operation with the Government of Viet Nam.

It is our policy to purchase supplies locally when value for money requirements - pricing, specifications, quality and delivery times - are met.


UNFPA project's consultancy

1) Consultancy on providing training on conflict resolution skills for men related to domestic violence.

2) Consultancy on providing training on methods of working with vulnerable people related to domestic violence.

3) Consultancy on providing training on health care for the elderly.


Deadline for submissions: 4 pm, 9th August 2015


Call for proposals on innovative partnership projects

The Global Compact Network Vietnam (GCNV) is an alliance of companies, government, trade unions, United Nations and non-governmental organisations. The GCNV exists to promote the principles of the United Nations Global Compact ( through which it aims to improve thesocial and environmental conditions of Vietnam workers, their communities and the performance of the companies they work for. The GCNV was launched in 2007 by VCCI in partnership with the UNDP.

The GCNV is currently seeking to support innovative partnership projects which aim at improving social and environmental conditions in Vietnam.

Deadline for submissions: Ongoing from October, 2009.