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Speech of United Nations Resident Coordinator, Ms. Pratibha Mehta at the One Plan Signing Ceremony

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Date: Tuesday, 27 March 2012 at 10.00 am
Event: One Plan Signing Ceremony
Venue: Ministry of Planning and Investment

  • PM Op3 speechThe United Nations Resident Coordinator, Ms. Pratibha Mehta speaks at the One Plan Signing CeremonyMr Bui Quang Vinh, Minister of Planning and Investment;
  • Excellencies, Ambassadors;
  • Mr Peter d’Huys, representing the One UN Informal Donor Group;
  • Distinguished participants from Government, development and civil society partners;
  • Colleagues from the UN;
  • Ladies and gentlemen;

I am deeply honored and delighted to welcome you on behalf of the UN Country Team in Viet Nam to this signing ceremony for the One Plan for 2012-2016. Today’s event is a true testimony that the Delivering as One Initiative in Viet Nam has matured since it was started five years ago in 2007.
As many of you know, the Government of Viet Nam was ahead of the UN General Assembly in pushing for UN coherence. In 2006, in line with the Hanoi Core Statement, the Government asked the UN in Viet Nam to work as One UN. The One UN initiative was started with six agencies but soon all UN agencies joined the initiative.

After the High Level Panel report was released Viet Nam officially became part of the global “UN Delivering as One” pilot,  launched to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, drawing on the assets and diversity of the UN system, and capitalizing on the UN’s comparative advantages and unique role as a trusted and impartial partner.  

Since then – and with the strong leadership and commitment of the Government of Viet Nam and collaboration of donors – Viet Nam is recognized as the leader among the eight pilot countries. The tripartite partnership of Government, UN and donors has been instrumental in innovating and developing a new way of the UN functioning by establishing six Ones: One UN country team, One UN Leader, One UN Plan for development support, One UN Fund to mobilize resources, One UN Voice for rights based policies and advocacy and One UN Management for common services and operations.    

A certain level of flexibility to innovate has helped in the continued evolution of the DaO Initiative. Programme Coordination Groups that ensure programmatic coherence, the One UN Communications Team which co-locates UN staff from different  agencies,  as well as the Green One UN House which will break the agency silos are some examples of innovations for coherence and have been positively regarded by several independent evaluators.  

None of this could have been achieved without the tireless support and dynamic leadership of the Government and donors and the commitment and dedication of the UN Country Team and our staff.   

The context in which the DaO Initiative started has changed. Viet Nam is now a middle income country. ODA to Viet Nam is declining, and many donors are scaling down and phasing out their support. Viet Nam has achieved extraordinary economic growth even in recent hard times, and has successfully lifted hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty. While the country has transitioned to middle income status, it ranks 128th on the Human Development Index. Rising inequalities and disparities, new forms of poverty and climate change may reverse impressive gains made toward achieving the MDGs and reducing poverty among all population groups.   

The One UN Plan 2012-2016 aims to support Viet Nam in   promoting inclusive growth and tackling climate change, ensuring equitable service delivery and improving governance. Keeping in mind the changing context of the country, UN assistance aims to assist the Government in effective policy reforms through technical assistance, South-South partnership and knowledge exchange. The new One Plan also marks the beginning of a new five year phase of the Delivering as One Initiative in Viet Nam, which will continue to strengthen the “six ones” and strive for inclusive and equitable sustainable development.   

The new One Plan is the single joint strategic programme document of 17 UN resident and non-resident agencies and is aligned to the National Socio-Economic Development Strategy and Plan. The formulation process was very participatory and inclusive of all 17 UN agencies, Government, donors, and civil society, resulting in a strategic and focused plan. From 23 outcomes and 108 outputs in the previous One Plan, the new One Plan focuses on 12 outcomes and 43 outputs with a clear results framework that will allow us to measure the UN’s contribution to development progress. The Plan is ready for implementation as soon as all of the Detailed Project Outlines for all UN agencies are agreed to by the Government. It is necessary that this process is expedited by all concerned.

To implement the One UN Plan, we will also need continued strong commitment and leadership of the Government and donors. We hope that the tripartite partnership will continue with the same principles to strengthen UN coherence and ensure full implementation of the priorities of the One Plan.     
The UN Secretary General recently set out his agenda for his new term which includes his commitment to strengthening UN reforms and to a ‘second generation’ of the Delivering as One Initiative. The General Assembly will meet in September to conduct the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review which will also consider the future course of action on UN coherence and Delivering as One. Continuous high level political commitment of Government and donors will be necessary to ensure that the DaO journey, started just five years ago, moves forward from strength to strength.  

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation and your persistent, continuous support and would like to acknowledge my predecessors as well as our other colleagues who were part of this journey. I look forward to our continued collaboration in contributing to the development of Viet Nam.    

I wish you all the very best of health, happiness and success!

Xin cam on. 


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