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UN Jobs

Biodiversity and Environmental Health Programme Analyst

Type of Contract: FTA Local
Post Level: NO-B

Deadline for submissions: 7 April 2015  


Consultant to upgrade UNAIDS Viet Nam website

UNAIDS Viet Nam realised the increasing power of social media and digital communications, and would like to upgrade the country website to maximize the use of this highly influential form of communication. The effort aims to develop a fresh interface of the country website following the new design of UNAIDS global website, a new structure for website contents that is mainstreamed with that of the global website while staying relevant with the AIDS epidemic and response in Viet Nam, as well as a more user-friendly content management system for uploading and managing information. UNAIDS Viet Nam is therefore seeking a consultant to design and develop the UNAIDS Viet Nam new website.


Deadline for submissions: 17:00, Saturday 4th April 2015


Assistant to the Representative and Head of Office

UNESCO Viet Nam, a member of the UN team, is seeking a qualified, highly committed, service-oriented and proactive national professional for the position of Assistant to the Representative and Head of Office. Dynamic young men and women are strongly encouraged to apply to work as part of the UNESCO Viet Nam team.

Deadline for submission: 31 March 2015


Consultancy notice: National researcher for Country Gender Assessment (one position)

UN Women VNM is looking for a qualified National Consultant for Country Gender Assessment in Vietnam.

Interested applicants must submit the following document/information (in PDF format) to demonstrate their qualifications

Deadline for submissions: 16 Mar 2015


The UNESCO in Viet Nam is updating its roster of experts/ consultants for short-term (temporary) assignments in Viet Nam

UNESCO Viet Nam is updating its short and long-term national and international consultant roster. Interested candidates are invited to present their CVs, indicating relevant education, experience and references. Candidates should possess proven experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Deadline for submissions: Open