Managing for results



The 2010 Country-Led and 2011 Global Independent Evaluations of DaO emphasised the need for a "clear base of evidence" that DaO is working. In 2012 the UN General Assembly increased organizational commitment to manage for results, including 'One UN' results reporting. General Assembly Resolution 67/226 calls for a more strategic and coherent results culture across the entire UN system, driven by interventions based on clear and robust results frameworks.

In finalizing the One UN RBM strategy in 2012 the UN in Viet Nam has laid a strong foundation for more effective management of DaO results.

The strategy

The Results-Based Management Strategy provides the Resident Coordinator, the UN Country Team, UN staff, and national and international partners with the overall approach to manage for One Plan and Delivering as One results. This includes institutional arrangements, frameworks and tools for improved effectiveness and efficiency.

The strategy is guided by a framework of expected changes from DaO implementation. The framework describes the main elements of DaO in Viet Nam, and how they reinforce one another to make an effective contribution to the strengthening of national ownership and capacity and the achievement of national priorities.

A renewed focus on managing for results is already contributing to stronger results reporting, evidence-based decision-making with partners, and growing mutual accountability.


The RBM Strategy for DaO in Viet Nam is enabling:

One Plan Database

The One Plan Database is a tailor-made, web-based tool built to monitor and report on all One Plan results with inputs of Joint Programming Groups. The Database is tracking progress over the full period of the One Plan, informing improved decision-making.The database is used to consolidate, track and share information about changes in quantitative and qualitative indicators. It includes information about targets, means of verification and provides comments from UN staff on issues such as the source and quality of data.

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