In order to simplify the complex and sometimes burdensome procedures of in-country UN agencies, the business practices of the UN’s system are being re-organized in the most effective way so that they are better aligned with those of the Government, and reduce the burden and cost of doing business with the UN. To this end, the OPMP has incorporated one set of Harmonized Programme Project Management Practices (HPPMG) that organizes the UN’s systems in a more consistent and streamlined framework.  The HPPMG have been agreed upon between ExCom Agencies and Government. The HPPMG has been submitted to UN headquarters for endorsement, and formal endorsement by all parties is expected soon, with implementation starting later this year. In the same spirit, the Harmonised Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT) has been applied to all new ExCom (UNDP,UNICEF, UNFPA) projects since the end of 2008. By using the same modalities to handle payments to all implementing partners, the process has become much simpler and less burdensome for all involved. The ambition is to expand the HACT to all UN organizations in Viet Nam. The adoption in June 2009 of the UN-EU Cost Norms represents another tangible contribution toward harmonization of UN agencies’ business practices.

Other efforts to harmonize the business practices of the participating UN Organizations are underway.