One Budget

As part of the One Plan, a single budget provides a clear sense of total resources required to implement the One Plan, while the One Plan Fund provides a streamlined way of providing un-earmarked support for the UN's programmatic work and reduces the problem of different UN agencies competing for the same donor funds.The overall budget for the One Plan 2012-2016 is USD480,232,770. At the time of signing, this included USD107,549,500 in regular resources of UN agencies, USD65,954,700 in extra-budgetary funds from all sources and USD306,728,570 to be secured, USD135,387,301 is to be raised through the One Plan, with the remaining USD171,341,269 coming from other resources.

The One Plan Fund II

The One Plan Fund (OPF) is a strategic and important element of the reform process, and a proven mechanism to increase coherence and focus in UN planning and programming. The OPF provides a streamlined way for donors to provide un-earmarked or soft earmarked support for the UN's programmatic work. This reduces competition among UN agencies for the same funding and enables the UN to make strategic decisions on allocation of funds to where the need and potential development impact is greatest. Under One Plan 2012-2016, following an in-depth review of funding proposals by an independent panel, four successful OPF allocation rounds were conducted.It is only possible for the UN to undertake joint short-and long-term strategic prioritization if sufficient and predictable multi-year funding is available. However, the funding environment in Viet Nam is changing rapidly, due to lower levels of ODA globally and the country's graduation to lower middle-income country status. To respond to these changing conditions, the UN is contemplating innovative ways for resource mobilization. The Government of Viet Nam and the UN may also consider a reprioritization of One Plan 2012- 2016 to make sure expected results are aligned with availability of funds