Making the UN more effective

The Green One UN House in Viet Nam has two key aims – to help the UN in Viet Nam 'Deliver as One' and 'Deliver Green'.

Completion of the new Green One UN House in Viet Nam has been a major milestone in the UN Reform process. UN staff in Viet Nam have been brought together from multiple locations in Ha Noi. The Green One UN House helps facilitate the functional teamwork of the UN in Viet Nam, and contributes to enhancing its efficiency and the effectiveness of development results, as well as reducing transaction costs.

It helps promote UN coherence, inter-agency cooperation and teamwork and enables the UN to work more creatively. It also fosters better internal and external communications. Over time the project will generate annual savings in operational costs and additional savings from the integration of administrative services such as ICT, procurement, security, travel and banking.

Delivering Green

In addition to Delivering as One, the Green One UN House is a major step towards answering the UN Secretary-General's call to 'Deliver Green', as well as becoming a role model for sustainable green buildings in Viet Nam.

The Green One UN House is also an important component of the UN's climate change advocacy. This is particularly important in Viet Nam's context of rapid urbanization and high vulnerability to climate change.

Ecologically friendly building materials have been used, including lead-free paint, carpets and other items that are low in harmful Volatile Organic Compounds. Thermal insulation, which emits ozone-depleting substances, will be avoided.

By maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, making the most of natural daylight and using energy efficient lighting, energy consumption will be reduced by at least 25 percent compared to a similar sized building. Photovoltaic panels on the roof harness solar energy and generate 10 percent of the building's annual electricity requirements. By using water more efficiently, expected water use will be reduced by about 45 percent.

The Green One UN House is also the first building in Vietnam to be awarded a provision Gold Lotus Rating from the Viet Nam Green Building Council. With efficient and environmentally sustainable use of resources and operations we are confident that the the full gold LOTUS certification will be awarded in less than two years time.

In order to help achieve this, UN staff are being encouraged to adopt green behaviours. This includes reducing the amount of printing; recycling paper, plastic and glass; turning off lights before leaving rooms; and cycling or walking to work. An innovative Green Office Guide has been developed for staff to help promote green behaviours.

As an example of the best possible eco-friendly and energy efficient office building in the region, the Green One UN House in Viet Nam will be an important demonstration of the UN's commitment to environmental sustainability and climate change issues. It will serve as an example for other UN agencies and will be a model for sustainable buildings in Viet Nam. It will also contribute to building local knowledge and capacity in Viet Nam on eco-designs and green technology.

A Tripartite Partnership

The Green One UN House project is a joint endeavor between the Government of Viet Nam, donors and the UN Country Team. The Government is contributing a high value site, the existing United Nations Apartment Building at 304 Kim Ma Street in Ha Noi, and supporting through other material sources. Alongside participating UN agency contributions, donors – including Australia, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK – have also provided generous contributions to the renovation of the building.

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