7 day challenge manual

7 day challenge manual
Name:7 day challenge manual

The 7 Day Challenge is a call to action inviting committed individuals around the world to practise sustainable urban lifestyles that will potentially improve their quality of life. The challenge consists of seven days of practi-cal sustainable solutions focusing on three categories: EAT, MOVE and LIVE.

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage and strengthen sustainable urban lifestyles, based on insights from local participants and the network involved. The challenge aims to encourage both innovation and aware-ness about lifestyle choices that contribute to sustainability.

The challenge involves small but sustainable changes that participants make in their daily routines. As the number of participants grows, the 7 Day Challenge will contribute to a greater public awareness about climate change and in time reduce individual carbon footprints.

You are free to choose any or all of the three categories – EAT, MOVE and LIVE – whichever feels comfortable for you. You are also free to go beyond the material provided here.

The 7 Day Challenge will be launched in Hanoi on Tuesday 10 April 2018. Would you like to join? Please fill in the separate form, save it and send it to: ambassaden.hanoi-invitations@gov.se as soon as possible. Don't forget to let us know if you will participate 10-17/4, 17-24/4 or 24-30/4.

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