Fact on Children and HIV and AIDS

Fact on Children and HIV and AIDS
Name:Fact on Children and HIV and AIDS

Stigma and discrimination against children affected by HIV and AIDS is caused by lack of understanding on HIV, myths about HIV and association of HIV with "social evils". The booklet “Facts about children and HIV and AIDS” is a resource for education managers, teachers, parents and communities. This booklet aims to provide information about children and HIV and AIDS, with the objective to remove the myths about HIV and AIDS and children affected by AIDS, and reduce stigma and discrimination against these children. The booklet was developed based on the booklet “10 Facts on Children and HIV/ AIDS” produced in Thailand. It was adapted with new content added to ensure relevance with Viet Nam. The booklet includes some pictures from children of Ha Noi and children living with HIV at the No2 Centre for Social Protection.

Also see: The "Facilitator’s Guide" for usage of the Booklet on Facts about Children and HIV/AIDS

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